Who let me loose in Japan?

Fangirl + Japan = Oh No

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I got to go to the Pikachu cafe in Roppongi, Tokyo! The food was actually really good and adorable. The wait time was about two hours but it was definitely worth it. Anyone who is in the area should check it out! It’s only here til the end of the month!

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Welcome new and old followers! Just a quick heads up to the next few weeks. I have gone to some places and have pictures to upload, however I will be leaving Japan within the next month, so I am quite busy. If I have time I’ll upload some sets, if not I will post everything when I return. I also plan to hit up some fireworks and Summer Comiket (I am crazy) so look forward to that! Thank you for your patience~ :)

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This is a short set, but the fangirl in me was very happy when I saw this. A few months ago in Chiba prefecture, a real life sakabatou, such as the one used by Kenshin in Rurouni Kenshin was found! This is amazing because the author created the sword believing it did not necessarily exist in real life, but apparently it did! It’s much smaller than a normal sword, but it was still very awesome to see it!

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Spent one day in Osaka, I really want to go back before I leave. We went to the Pokemon center, which I think is one of the bigger ones in Japan. Also the giant jersey is a promotion Family Mart for the Japanese soccer team; it will travel all over Japan and then get sent to the World Cup with all the well wishes.

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Hey everyone! I just realized I haven’t been on in a while, school started again I forgot to upload pics! Haven’t been doing too much, but I did go to Kyoto and Osaka before the end of my break so expect those pictures very soon!