Who let me loose in Japan?

Fangirl + Japan = Oh No

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As the day winded down, we hit up Shibuya and then Shinjuku for the rest of the night!

The first picture is the only shot I managed to take of Tokyo Tower from the train. It was very hard, buildings kept getting in the way ;A;

The next few, if you remember my earlier Shibuya pictures, are of the same area, but at night! We did a “nomihoudai” (basically all you can drink at a set price and for a certain amount of time) and then some purikura afterward!

The last few pictures are at Shinjuku where my friends and I did karaoke until the first trains started up again ^^; (The last picture is in the morning in Shinjuku)

(Bonus for Utapri fans, we saw a karaoke place that was selling special Utapri drinks and had advertising all over, I had to take a picture ;D)

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